The Silent Majority of Women

The #MeToo campaign showcased the power of one woman’s refusal to stay silent, Tarana Burke an activist who in 2007 founded a non-profit organisation to support victims of sexual harassment and assault along with an awareness campaign centred on two words: Me Too.

Image: Tarana Burke –

It would take ten years before Me Too became a global phenomenon reaching 85 countries from Hollywood stars to the girl next door women began to stand up and speak out against male violence. There is power in numbers, silent women I’ll say that again, THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS.

Why did it take so long for Me Too to take off? The answer is simple. The majority of women remained silent for so long. Me Too predates even 2007 however with each passing day another woman used her voice and her power to refute the patriarchy until we were heard.

Despite the #MeToo campaign there are many women, the majority I believe, who remain silent. They are silent on subjects that directly impact their rights and existence. All of these issues have a common denominator, Misogyny.

Rather than waiting until we reach boiling point as happened with #MeToo, women need to start speaking up on these issues and they need to do this now.

Gender Pay Gap

Gender Identity

Male Violence

Erasure of Lesbians

Male dominated Politics

Reproductive Rights

Human Trafficking/Sex Slavery

Any of you who follow me on Twitter will know which ugly subject I am going to expand on.

I’m sick to the back teeth looking at these two words and I’m fed up banging on about them, still being bored of repeating myself will never be reason enough for silence. In fact I’m not really sure what would ever prompt me to shut my mouth.

The man made ridiculously radical notion of Gender Identity

Up until a few weeks ago I believed there were some undisputed facts, truths that went unchallenged because of biological reality.

Female/Woman – A person with XX chromosomes, they would be the owners of ovaries, a womb, a vagina, breasts etc. (Unless a Female specific medical condition was present.)

Male/Man – A person with XY chromosomes, they would be the owners of a penis, testes; they would be intellectually inferior to women. I jest.

Intersex – A very rare condition where genitals are often ambiguous and chromosomes can vary.

Lesbian – A Female/Woman who is same-sex attracted.

Transsexual Woman – A Male/Man born with male genitalia who felt a discomfort and dysphoria with their genitals. This person will have had surgery to artificially produce the likeness of a vagina and breasts which aligned to how this person felt their body should look.

Well there it is – My horrible truth that led to the loss of 4000 Twitter followers (Good riddance), 1 million Twitter impressions and a seething complaint to my publisher.

There are many more women out there who hold the same apparently radical views as me. My views appear radical for one reason; the majority of women are staying silent. You see if all of you spoke up then maybe the world would recognise that actually it isn’t the feminists who have radical views, it’s the men who claim they have ‘Female Penises.’ The same men who think ‘feeling’ like a woman is wanting to wear a dress and make up.

Why did I speak out? Why can I not stop speaking out?

I cannot stay silent whilst Lesbians are being given the ultimatum of ‘sleep with someone who says they’re a woman even though they have a penis or be labelled Transphobic?’ (I will not apologise for saying this sounds like harassment at best and rape culture at worst.)

I could not stay silent whilst men with penises demanded access to women’s prisons, shortlists, changing rooms, hospital wards, shelters, sports, bathrooms and safe zones. In fact according to gender identity activists there is no place on earth that should be PENIS FREE. (Not even Lesbian relationships.)

Up until a few weeks ago I believed I was a Trans ally. I accept Transsexual women, I can appreciate that their journey cannot have been easy; I would never intentionally disrespect someone or refer to them by a pronoun which they didn’t recognise as being appropriate. If you’d asked me should a Transsexual woman who has undergone sex reassignment surgery be housed in a man’s prison I would have said absolutely not, they would become as much of a target as a woman being incarcerated there.

Women are raped by penises, not identities and it is for this reason also that I believe someone with a penis who says they feel like a woman should not be jailed along with women.

The complete refusal to accept that Male Violence is perpetrated by those who have a penis along with the refusal to accept biological reality just leaves me baffled. How can you have a sensible debate with someone who won’t present any evidence but insists on their view being correct. It’s kind of like being back in the Pentecostal church I used to attend. One of the church goers claimed God had given her Gold teeth, my best friend Sarah took a look and said, “No, they’re your Mercury fillings.” We need more women like Sarah in the world.

Apparently my attempts at accepting the Trans community were not enough, the fact that my feelings would change due to the presence of a penis was a game changer for Trans radicals. It was off to TERF territory for me, with no passing go and no collecting £200. You know I was shocked and amused when I went to check out India Willoughby’s Twitter today and realised I’d been blocked. I don’t even think I’ve ever Tweeted her before. I’m a nobody. Except I became a somebody to those trying to eradicate women when I spoke up.

India Willoughby

There are many women who altogether refuse to accept Transsexual women as women and given the aggressive misogyny that is plaguing the Trans movement I understand and appreciate their position. I have tried my best to maintain my beliefs however with each passing day another Lesbian gets harassed, another woman has her rights infringed upon by a man dressed in ‘women’s attire’ and it’s becoming very difficult for me not to questions the entire Trans agenda. – I’ve been informed by my fellow TERF’s that this is referred to as Peak Trans.

Why do I care so much?

Gender Identity is a threat to every woman. With Gender Identity ‘woman’ is reduced to a simple ‘feeling’ in a man’s brain. When you challenge this you will no doubt face a backlash but there are many women out there who will support you. Look for Radical Feminist in their Twitter Bio and you can guarantee they will treat you as a sister.

Ask yourself, where does this Gender Identity bollocks end? For many it ended the day a man insisted they refer to themselves as a CIS-Woman. FUCK RIGHT OFF WITH YOUR BULLSHIT.

There is an overwhelming need for a sensible debate but the Trans Radicals are silencing the women brave enough to stand.

We need a louder voice, we numbers and we need them now.

“In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Stay silent and women like me become radical.

Stay silent and women like us will be erased.

4 thoughts on “The Silent Majority of Women”

  1. Great blog and twitter feed. I’d like to add We shouldn’t be referring to it as the gender pay gap, the pay-gap is sex-based. I’m tired of trans/queer activists being to co-opt women’s biology based issues by using the term gender.

  2. Love this article and think it s spot on. It is if women have lost their mind to speak up because they don’t want to be seen as a bigot. I AM Not a bigot but a sensible woman who does not want a penis in my private areas such as isolated bathrooms, changing rooms, etc… The nerve to demand these rights because they feel like it. I call Bull Shit.
    I have been harassed by testosterone males wearing wigs and dresses with beards calling me a fucking cunt, white trash, piece of shit while circling me telling me they wanted to beat the “&$@ out of me because I don’t want them in my area. Really? Where are the activists who claim tolerance? Since this has taken affect in Washington State, USA I have personally had to get security to kick creepy men out of ladies lounges as they laugh and sneer at me. This lady is not backing down.

  3. Thank you from the U.S.

    You’re right, more women need to speak up. Trans activists work to silence any- and everyone who dissents from their dogma. And it IS a dogma. Hell, it’s basically a totalitarian cult.

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