Angel Baby

You came into the world a little too soon,

Still both of your Mummies were over the moon.

The sweetest little baby with a little button nose,

Little fingers that gripped your Mummies and the cutest little toes.

You stole your Nannie’s hearts and those little cheeks they’d rub,

Before you even had a name you were everyone’s little Bub.

Your curly little lock and blue eyes so bright,

You needed the perfect name, it needed to be just right.

Your Mummies looked and they knew the name for you,

You were always going to be their little Bella Boo.

You brought sunshine to them in the midst of the cloud,

You fought long and hard and made them so proud.

Your angel wings were growing but you fought another fight,

Until your Mummies got to hold you and you knew the time was right.

Your Mummies hearts were heavy and they will miss you everyday,

Friends and Family will think hard for the best words to say,

But nothing will take the pain away or stop the last tear,

Except you gripping their finger and reminding them you’re near.

You’ll be with them everyday, in the wind and the sun,

The best days of your angel life have only just begin.

Bella means beautiful and beautiful you are,

The perfect angel baby and the brightest shining star.


I am

I am the colleague who helped when you were in a rush,

I am the gentleman who gave you his seat on the bus.

I am your daughter’s favourite teacher at school,

I am the drinker sitting on the next bar stool.

I am your star player in the famous football team,

I am the counsellor to whom you let off steam.

I am the soldier who you praise for being brave,

I am your neighbour, each time you see me you wave.

I am the Doctor who could save your life today,

But wait, will this change when I tell you that I’m gay?

I am your Brother, your sister, your friend,

I am your son, your daughter, your parent on whom you depend.

I am a person entitled to have the law on my side,

I am a person who should never have to hide.


I don’t want to open up,

Or remove this firm brick wall.

I don’t want to trust you,

Then watch you watch me fall.

I can’t remove this barrier,

My heart it shields so well.

For my heart is weak and shattered,

From the last time that I fell.

Don’t ask me to open up,

My scars need time to heal.

They’ve been ripped and torn,

A deep painful hurt they reveal.

So don’t expect my heart,

On a sleeve for all to see.

For I won’t take the chance,

Of you suddenly betraying me.


A Little

I’ll speak a little louder,

Raise my head,

Feel a little prouder.

I’ll stand a little taller,

Straighten up,

You’ll get a little smaller.

I’ll act a little smarter,

Think more,

I’ll give you a head starter.

I’ll walk a little quicker,

Look around,

You’ll see a little flicker.

I’ll wave a little slower,

You’ll disappear,

I’ll live a little more.


The Brave

They still march, the brave,

Those who fought, our lives to save.

They gave their all, and more,

The weight of the world they bore.

They did not shy, when trouble came,

They were the best and never tame.

Our heroes they march, somewhere afar,

Each one a bright shining star.

The ultimate sacrifice, life on the line,

March on brave heroes, forever shine.


The End

Piercing you with my eyes,

I can feel my anger rise.

I can almost taste the hate,

We both know it’s too late.

Not by a day but by many years,

Too much hurt, too many tears.

Go on like it’s all okay?

I don’t even know what to say,

You see long ago I did care,

Expecting love now isn’t fair.

It’s just gone, long ago,

Along with the you, I used to know.

So off you go, I can’t stop to think,

I just feel my heart begin to sink,

The love is still there you know,

I’ve just learned not to show,

You’re not worth it anymore,

The chapters over, I’ve closed the door.

Have a nice life, my once dear friend,

Even the best things in life will end.

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