Is LGBT+ entertainment non-inclusive and non-diverse?

Back in 2012 as a newcomer on the Belfast “Scene” I found that the entertainment provided by any LGBT+ venue I visited was largely similiar, Male DJ’s and Drag Queens. (I mean no disrespect to either.) This I found to be non-inclusive, non-diverse and I soon became bored of the same entertainment week in-week out.

This month in the Kremlin, Belfast’s biggest LGBT+ venue, there is one woman on the entertainment list, Heather Small who is a guest entertainer. The rest of the months entertainers are male.

This month in Union St Belfast, there are no females who have any slots for entertainment on the regular weekly line up advertised on their website.

Being from Belfast, this could be something unheard of in other LGBT+ venues, perhaps they are swimming with female comedians, singers and DJ’s? Perhaps not.

“Does Belfast really not have any Lesbian DJs worth giving a shot to?”

Has the LGBT+ entertainment industry in Belfast and perhaps further afield set the standard of entertainment in their venues? Is this something that will ever change?

Are there other people like me who have visited the “scene” or thought about visiting and questioned whether or not the entertainment was to their taste?

Perhaps I’m alone on this, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Hey Nora. Great blog post. I am not really a frequenter of LGBT exclusive venues (I hate exclusivity anyway) but the stereotypical entertainment (80’s disco, drag, etc) is one of the reasons. Not that I’m against those things per se but as an entertainer and in the LGBT spectrum myself I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who likes a variety of entertainment in my life. It makes me wonder why venues are forwarding this rather narrow view of what an LGBT community really wants entertainment wise. Keep up the great work 🙂

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