5 Budget Christmas Crafts For Your Other Half

I’ve picked my top 5 gift ideas, perfect for any occasion and guaranteed to make your other half smile!

I’ve either made or received every item on the list so they are tried and tested.

All supplies can be found online or at your local craft store.


  1. 52 Reasons why I love you cards

What you need:

52 reasons why you love your partner (If you don’t have 52 reasons it’s probably best to give this one a miss)

1 Deck of playing cards


Paper, you can hand write your reasons or print them off


Hole Punch

Binder Rings or Ribbon

  1. Decorative Letters

What you need:

Giant decorative letters, preferably wooden

Glitter/Paint or whatever you want to decorate your letters with

(I went the extra mile and added our bunnies onto mine, brownie points for me)

  1. Personalised & Interchangeable photo display

What you need:

Sheets of thick cardboard (I had 6 on mine)

Binder Rings

Decorative paper or a printer to print your own background

Images, can also be printed along with quotes if wanted

Glue Scissors

  1. Scrabble Personalised Message Display

What you need:

Scrabble letters

Scrabble letter holder


(If you go for this one please don’t do what my girlfriend did and take the letters from your partners scrabble game….)

  1. Personalised Sweets

What you need:

Sweets, chocolate or whatever you chose

Cardboard or paper for labels

Small clear plastic bags


(I’ve seen these made with all sorts of messages, “So many Riesens to love you” – Get creative


Whether you’re doing Christmas on a budget or just want to add a personal touch, any of the above are guaranteed to have your partner smiling from ear to ear… 

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