10 Relationship Top Tips

1. Honesty – Nothing beats some Pillow Talk. Those late night chats when you get to tell your other half about how you’re really feeling. Whether you’re feeling good or bad, share your thoughts. As the saying goes, A problem shared is a problem halved.

2. Time Apart – During the ‘honeymoon’ period as its often known couples tend to spend every hour under the Sun together. At some point this needs to fade out, you both need time on your own to do the things you love doing.

3. Date Nights – Try to do something with each other at least once a month, it doesn’t have to be something wildly expensive or planned, go out for dinner or visit some sights – Something that allows you time together.

4. Appreciation – In a relationship we tend to carry out small acts for each other every day, often involving mundane tasks like doing the washing, shopping or cooking. Don’t let these go by unnoticed; always show gratitude for the small things in life.

5. Trust – Perhaps misplaced so far down the list, trust is number 1 in any relationship. If you’re in a relationship and you don’t trust your other half or they don’t trust you, you’re kidding yourself if you believe it will change and miraculously start working. Don’t waste your time. Once trust is broken, it will never be repaired.

6. Nail in the Fence – Watch this little video, once you’ve watched it you’ll think twice about the harsh words you speak to your other half during those arguments that we all have.

7. Intimacy – I don’t need to spell this one out. Make time for each other in the bedroom or wherever you prefer to do it. If you hold your phone in bed more than you hold your partner then things need to change. Be spontaneous and find that passion.

8. Friends – We all need friends to get us by don’t lose them because you’re in a relationship. If things go tits up or you’re having a bad day you don’t want to be left without a shoulder to cry on or a friend on the end of the phone to rant to. Likewise when your life and relationship are going well you need friends to share the good stories with.

9. We’re all wrong sometimes – Perhaps the most difficult on the list for me, admitting you’re wrong when you are. Arguments are often drawn out when there is a stand-off over who was wrong but deep down you know you it was you. Admit it, apologise and move on.

10. Money Money Money – I’ve often heard of even the strongest of married couples coming to loggerheads over their finances. Money isn’t worth arguing over. The sooner people realise this the better their relationships will be. (Unless there are serious issues like gambling)


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